Alpine National Park... ...or cow paddock?
More about fire

The October edition of Ecos, the CSIRO authoritative magazine on the science of sustainability in the environment and industry, contains an article on the research stemming from the 2003 fire, and how it will build on previous research.

A quote from the article 'Lessons on Fire' by Wendy Piper:

"While the idea that grazing reduces blazing is intuitively attractive, Wahren says it is an over-simplification, even a 'furphy'."

Download the whole article (225 kB PDF)

The full text of Ecos - Australia's Magazine on Sustainability is now online and can be found here.

The whole Oct-Dec 2003 issue of Ecos (from which the ‘Lessons on Fire’ article comes) can be found here.

The VNPA would like to thank CSIRO publishing for permission to include the article on this website.